Client Expertise

Client Expertise

See what ALTOUR clients & Specialist Advisors have to say about places they’ve stayed and enjoyed over the years.

What’s Worth It is ALTOUR’s blog that provides you with honest travel opinions from the travelers who have experienced it.

What's Worth It helps you by cutting through the noise and clutter of the Internet.


"It’s overwhelming how many websites, books, magazines, and apps are devoted to travel. SO many are really good, but What’s Worth It, is my go to trusted source. It’s like getting the inside scoop from a friend”
– Nicole Sierra Rolet, Owner Chene Blue Wines

Quality, not luxury, is the sweet spot of What's Worth It. Sometimes you want something luxurious, other times you want something that is simply great for what it is, we’ll help you find that medium.


Every What's Worth It review is just like a friend would tell you - personal, pithy and with an honest, straightforward point of view.