Sales & Channel Incentives

Sales & Channel Incentives

Moving Mountains: A Motivated Sales Force

Our unique incentives are self-funding investments that take your team to new heights.


"Everything went off
perfectly. POST/TCMP made a
very wise decision to contract
ALTOUR for fulfillment."

-Rick Maas, Incentive Winner

Not Just Cash: A Compelling Rewards Suite

Our online master catalog features up to 50,000 items, including brand-name merchandise, travel services and event tickets.

Sending a Clear Message: Communication and Training

We'll create a unique website that keeps your sales network motivated and informed. Distribute news. Advertise schedules. Product information. 
Competitive information. Executive communications. Training materials. Success stories and more.

Immediate Measurement: Not Months From Now

Personal performance statements and Leader Boards reinforce desirable behavior by showing your participants exactly where they stand, and why they are being rewarded. Online reports provide your managers a wealth of real-time sales data to guide their efforts.

A Sales Incentive to Fit Your Sales Force: Customized Programs That Work

Annuity Point Programs. Recognition Programs. Product Launches. Plateau Programs. Training Programs. Whatever your sales or marketing teams need, we will design a unique solution that will motivate your sales force.